Holistic Therapy


We treat more than just body parts. We work with the whole person. In this category we will be discussing a holistic approach to treating hand therapy injuries. In addition, we will cover how therapists can maintain a holistic balance for themselves.

A Hand Therapist’s Role in Nutrition Education for Wound Healing

October 18, 2020

By Brittany Day Nutrition and Wound Healing Nutrition plays an important function in the biological factors that contribute to normal wound healing. Patients without nutrient dense diets may experience diminished cell production, collagen synthesis, and…

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Creating an Action Plan for Addressing Mental Health in the Clinic

September 13, 2020

Blog By: Rachel Reed As hand therapists, our care for our patients must be driven by the goal of treating the whole person, not just their hand or injury (Hannah, 2011). Occupational therapy is a…

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Do you know the secret ingredient to recovering from an injury?

July 14, 2019

Do you know the secret ingredient to recovering from an injury? I will give you a hint it is 5 letters and begins with the letter S.     SLEEP This is for you to share with…

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Putting Occupation in Hand Therapy

February 5, 2019

It was early in my career, maybe a year out of school. I was working with a veteran physical therapist that had been practicing for thirty plus years. She was somewhat intimidating and one of…

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